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I take the risk of being downvoted here, but I find Go templates a nightmare to use beyond the most basic use cases. Don't take me wrong: they are extremely powerful as you can guess it by reading the docs, but I find the syntax unfriendly, and for the most complex cases, I prefer parsing the JSON output with jq. Anyway: Formatting expect commands sho$ CID=...


There aren't any off the shelf solution currently that allows you to specify a variable number of code coverage percentage. There is the tool Courtney which enforces 100% code coverage. This tool also allows you to comment on blocks of code which do not need to be covered.


CloudFront does not actually have this feature. You can redirect the root object to by setting DefaultRootObject, but there's nothing for subdirectories such as However, you can run arbitrary code on CloudFront using Lambda@Edge, so it's possible for us to add this ...

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