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30 votes

How do I use docker command's "--format" option?

I take the risk of being downvoted here, but I find Go templates a nightmare to use beyond the most basic use cases. Don't take me wrong: they are extremely powerful as you can guess it by reading the ...
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3 votes

Amazon S3 bucket does not redirect folder URLs to index.html

CloudFront does not actually have this feature. You can redirect the root object to by setting DefaultRootObject, but there's nothing for ...
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2 votes

What Golang function could be used to enforce a minimum code coverage and return an Exit1 if false?

There aren't any off the shelf solution currently that allows you to specify a variable number of code coverage percentage. There is the tool Courtney which enforces 100% code coverage. This tool ...
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2 votes

golang and circle CI setup

My approach nowadays, always package your build process into Dockerfile. I.e. here is Dockerfile for one of my open-sourced Go projects:
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1 vote

Reuse Alertmanger Slack Integration into Jiralert template

In the end solved it myself, I had to just define jira.summary and description respectively and copy/paste the contents from the slack integration in the given fields. {{ define "jira.summary" }}] ...
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