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How can I expose Ingress service on 80 and 443 to the outer world

It's would be better if you will use ClusterIP type as a service than apply Ingress resource on it
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Why is my GCP managed Cert not working with kubernetes

Worked after a while. It apparently needed time to propagate.
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how to schedule container in GCP

Add any tiny http-server wrapper to your script and deploy your docker image as a Cloud Run service and use Cloud Scheduler that will invoke it by cron.
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How can I change the context of kubectl commands and helm?

First make sure the desired cluster is available to you gcloud container clusters list Now you need to reconcile that command (which has the data from Google) with your local kubectl, you can do that ...
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mounting overlayfs within kubernetes POD - "cannot mount overlay read-only"

After a while I found out that I need to declare the container to have a privileged security context. Suddenly it works! spec: containers: - securityContext: privileged: true There is ...
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Using counted data source in non-counted provider block in Terraform

If I have read this correctly you are trying to target different clusters with your provider so you can then use a helm_release. You need to have distinct providers for each cluster and differentiate ...
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How to resolve a problem "certificate signed by unknown authority" in GKE on pulling image (a private registry) when a pod is created?

I found a solution. The problem is actual for Kubernetes version 1.19+ and COS/Ubuntu images based on containerd for GKE nodes. Before the 1.19 version Kubernetes used to use Docker for building ...
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How to resolve a problem "certificate signed by unknown authority" in GKE on pulling image (a private registry) when a pod is created?

If your on Standard Mode for your GKE cluster, go into Computer Engine > SSH into every node and put into /etc/docker/certs.d/<ip:port>/ca.cert. Create folder if it does not exists. This ...
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Jenkins and Kubernetes CLI plugin and GKE

Put it inside the sh? withKubeConfig(...) { sh “”” export ... kubectl ... “”” }
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