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Multiple gradle builds with docker

There is currently an issue open to share Gradle cache between containers: I think the best solution at the moment is to bake as many dependencies in to ...
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Is Gradle used to automate deployment of EAR and WAR files to application servers?

If you want just to deploy faster to server(propably not only Glassfish) you can just write code in gradle to do that. Example taken from here /** * ~/.gradle/ * glassfishHome=/...
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Passing Gradle credentials into Jenkins `dockerfile`agent?

I would suggest to use Docker secrets with mount command. RUN --mount=type=secret,id=secret_name myVariable=$(cat /run/secrets/secret_name) && $command After that use withCredentials function ...
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How to copy library source code from other Git repo to an Android Gradle application GitLab build process?

What you need is not to checkout both projects side by side, but to add the library as a Git submodule in your application repository. Then set up GitLab CI to checkout submodules before build. This ...
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Jenkins Tool vs Slave local tool

Installing it as a tool allows Jenkins to manage the binary and ensure it's available for your build while also providing supporting pipeline syntax withEnv(). Having an agent with the binary allows ...
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Jenkins: Gradle daemon closes unexpectedly

Okay, Answering my own question. Gradle couldn't find the java installation so I ended up pointing it directly to the JDK I have installed on my computer. If any other user gets this error without ...
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How to build all projects in a monorepo by starting a build in Jenkins?

Build tools like maven or gradle could benefit you greatly here. It would do exactly what you have in mind as long as you have child project definition (with a build.gradle in gradle or pom.xml in ...
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