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How to configurate keycloak healthcheck in docker compose?

You could just add Curl by using the KeyCloak image in a Dockerfile and reference that Dockerfile in your docker-compose.yaml file. To do that I create a directory inside the docker-compose.yaml ...
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What is the relationship between deployment and container level readiness probes?

You are most likely using Istio which you did not mention in the question. By default (from version 1.5.2) probe rewrites are enabled. This is required because of mTLS - for more details read the ...
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AWS EC2 Target groups healthchecks price

It's free Data transferred "in" to and "out" from Amazon Classic and Application Elastic Load Balancers using private IP addresses, between EC2 instances and the load balancer in ...
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How to check application responding in Kubernetes

Kubernetes supports TCP, HTTP, and shell-exec probes for an application startup, readiness, and liveness health checks. If your application is a web application, you can use HTTP based liveness ...
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