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Docker and Kubernetes integrations compatibility matrix?

Every Kubernetes release has an External Dependencies section in the respective Changelog. E.g.: CHANGELOG-1.14: The list of validated docker versions has changed. 1.11.1 and 1.12.1 have been ...
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Sorting out automated testing in CI pipeline and getting conflicting information related to building, unit testing and Docker images

You've missed the part of the 1st quote about multi-stage builds and other methods which avoid exactly the problem mentioned in the 2nd quote: the resulting image would consist of it's base image and ...
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Are using TestContainers safe for integration tests?

I think the question about Docker security in general was already well answered in other places, for example here:
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Issue integrating acunetix with jenkins

We've configured the plugin properly (we're able to invoke acunetix from jenkins although we're having issues getting the report copied into the Jenkins workspace). The issue he might have run into is ...
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