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Is DevOps compatible with ITIL?

In my opinion, the DevOps culture come along with a methodology change toward Agile process management. ITIL is heavily aimed at a clear formalism of the process and the results and thus more adapted ...
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Is DevOps compatible with ITIL?

I'm ITIL certified (though it has been a while.) I agree with Tensibai: ITIL and DevOps aren't incompatbile, but that doesn't necessarily make them great friends. The argument can be made that the ...
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DMAIC - Define, Measure, Analyse, Improve, Control in the DevOps world?

Yes, DMAIC makes sense. If processes like CD need to be improved it is important to have a baseline. Therefore the Measure step is useful. The team investigates the status of process X, e.g. CD by ...
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