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Probably you need additionalBuildArgs to tag your image as mytag: agent { dockerfile { additionalBuildArgs '-t mytag' } }


Try with tokenize (,) since the options were saved like a string. Save 'NAMES' into a new variable, then tokenize with a comma "," since it was configured the parameters with multiSelectDelimiter: ',' Finally, you can iterate the array with a for-loop and use the elements as desire. def arr = userInput['NAMES'].tokenize(',') arr.each { t -> ...


Make B as a Pipeline job and give it some build parameters. Humans will be able to trigger this build with whatever parameters they want using the "Build With Parameters" button in the web UI. Then, in your Pipeline script for A, trigger the build using the built-in build step. This will allow job A to trigger B with whatever parameters are ...

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