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Which CI/CD tool(s) should a DevOps newbie learn?

Just some freeform thoughts from your question. For perspective, I run a large enterprise DevOps team that has automated build & deployment for a wide range of large scale services (which run over ...
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Integrate iOS Xcode Build Node with Jenkins X + Tekton

I don't think OS X builds can be done with Tekton yet. For builds that need OS X, I would currently consider to use GitHub Actions with support for macOS actions.
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jenkins-x returns error 1 when I try to create a cluster

I just experienced the same issue. It seems the eksctl that is being installed upon first use is not working for me. I went to the eksctl site and installed it from there (
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Secure Jenkins X on kubernetes

In my experience, the easiest way to do this is to put Jenkins behind an SSL-terminating proxy, such as Apache or Nginx. You can also configure SSL within Jenkins itself, but I've found that using a ...
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Is jenkins-x the successor of jenkins?

Jenkins X is a CI / CD platform for Kubernetes. This project is a sub-project of Jenkins. see below here
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