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Is it possible to template JIRA issues with pre-filled field contents?

I don't think you will be able to get far without any plugins. What you can take a look at is the Default Values for 'Create Issue' screen plugin. We were using it in the past, however gave up because ...
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How to get GitLab CI to rebuild on JIRA issue status change?

I didn't get what's wrong with webhooks You just create a webhook on Gitlab CI side and provide this URL to your Jira account.
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Is it useful to track dev time with CI/CD?

You can use the rich jira rest API for this kind of automation work. Jira API provides mechanism to update logged hours using PUT /rest/api/2/issue/{issueIdOrKey}/worklog/{id} You can use this rest ...
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How to access environment variable in post-build access for jira plugin

You normally would access environment variables using the following syntax: env.MY_ISSUE_ID Typically you'll see the following in practice regarding envvars: pipeline { agent any environment { ...
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How to get GitLab CI to rebuild on JIRA issue status change?

One option for doing this is to create a database trigger. In Mysql In MySQL and MariaDB, you can do this with mysql-udf-http. From perodriguezl answer from Stack Overflow: You can use a mysql-udf-...
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Reuse Alertmanger Slack Integration into Jiralert template

In the end solved it myself, I had to just define jira.summary and description respectively and copy/paste the contents from the slack integration in the given fields. {{ define "jira.summary" }}] ...
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StatefulSet or Deployment for Jira on Kubernetes

Deployments are primarily based on stateless services, where data is externalized to be stored on some other storage block or database. Using deployments for stateful services is not recommended as ...
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Mobile CI: Versioning and Tracking Builds in JIRA

The answer will vary depend on the CI/CD tooling you are using. If you are planning on using Atlassian's CI/CD tool Bamboo, you could use the Bamboo variable ${bamboo.buildNumber} which ties the ...
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How can we automatically transition Epic Jiras based on the transitions of underlying Jiras?

I think this link on the Atlassian Community forum may be what you're trying to do.
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