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Kibana slow performance optimization

So basically I've ended up turning these flags off (/app/management/kibana/settings) filterEditor:suggestValues discover:searchOnPageLoad doc_table:highlight visualize:enableLabs telemetry:enabled ...
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Fluentd unable to read logs from all namespaces

Million dollar question - are you running your fluentD as a DaemonSet? If not, there's a chance that fluentd simply isn't running on the node where some containers live. Otherwise, my best guess is, ...
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Log monitoring/metrics dashboard with images/video

In terms of embedding in an external page, you have some options out of the box with both Kibana (docs here) and Grafana (docs here). If I understand correctly, you are trying to generate realistic ...
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nginx rewrite with proxy_pass

You do not need to use rewrite for your case, since you want to append _plugin/kibana to any routes. Assuming the nginx config is for server { listen 80; server_name origin....
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Unable to connect to Elasticsearch [ Error: Request Timeout after 30000ms ]

Put the following setting in /etc/elasticsearch.yml and it will work. discovery.type: single-node
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