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Kubernetes serve static content with ingress

You can't configure your Ingress to serve static data (from your host files for example) alone because the Ingress resource is just a way to configure a way of understanding for Kubernetes on how to ...
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Angular config maps in kubernetes

This one from medium should be fine for your purposes: https://medium.com/@ychetankumarsarma/how-to-manage-angular-application-configurations-for-different-environments-with-docker-and-8ff8c55a1c7d. ...
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Deploying a statefulSet with static volume provisioning but controller insists to use dynamic

Did you try by specifying a storageClassName since Kubernetes will be using default storage class when it's not specified? See Dynamic Provisioning of the blog post and Dynamic from Kubernetes ...
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How do you reuse a specific volume in Kubernetes?

Yes, the PersistentVolumeClaim is the workhorse here. You can evict pods, delete deployments, etc., to your heart's content and so long as you don't delete the PVC, your data will be there. You don'...
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Terraform and Kubernetes' StorageClass with node affinity

Well of course its always the same - as soon as you actually do ask for help you figure it out... resource "kubernetes_persistent_volume" "nodeconfig" { metadata { name = "nodeconfig" ...
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How reliable is NFS for using in Kubernetes?

NFS is a commonly used storage option for Kubernetes, but it is not as reliable as some other options such as persistent volumes or distributed file systems. This is because NFS relies on a single ...
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Update volume size dynamically from inside a POD

In my opinion, you could create bucket (aws s3 for example) and store your data there (create simple app to make upload), thus, you don’t need to care with disk full error
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How to run a container from within another container while also mounting a volume from the first container?

So this happens to me often and I'm sure there is a better solution, such as using docker volumes but this is what I do. So first the reason that it doesn't work as expected. Is because we think of ...
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How to check available volume provisioners in Kubernetes cluster?

Maybe storage classes? kubectl get sc?
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Bare-Metal Kubernetes storage in enterprise

A storage solution for kubernetes is a pain for those of us who chose to run kubernetes on premises. What storage solution one picks would certainly depend on potential usage, a solution that will ...
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