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How can I achieve better load balancing of different systems on a Jenkins?

The default behavior of Jenkins is to use the same node over and over unless it's unavailable. If you use labels you can target resources. Take a look at plugins like Least Load and Scoring Load ...
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AWS ELB Application Load balancer, SSL not working

I solved it, I had forgotten that I had to add port 443 to the security group that my load balancer group belongs to.
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How to implement the Load Balancing in Openshift ?

The simplest way is to find the icon that scales the application up and click it. In the current UI it's in Project --> Overview --> expand the application info (">" icon to the left), --> click "^" ...
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Multiple Kafka brokers behind a single OpenShift service?

Yes, you can. HAProxy is purpose built to balance any TCP or HTTP connection. My old company used to run every component of Kafka with HAproxy. Here is a whole project dedicated to running auto-...
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