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2 votes

How to move a containerized application to a different host?

From what I understand of, docker export will only save the container filesystem. But no metadata ...
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2 votes

Migrating to AWS with Devops

Continuous Deployment is certainly a no brainer for mission critical applications but you may try Azure DevOps from MS which integrates with AWS beautifully and has provisions for environment ...
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1 vote

Migrating from TFVS to GIT using GIT-TFS

As of Azure DevOps Server 2019, migration from Team Foundation Version Control (TFVC) to Git is a simple import command. However, there are caveats to the migration due to how very different Git is ...
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What strategies exist to transition DB Migrations with Stored Procedures to Continuous Delivery?

It is quite difficult to migrate the databases without downtime, however, using some approaches you can do it with very minimum impact, nearly a zero downtime. The main idea in this is to create new ...
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