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How does Cacti compare to Nagios?

While Romeo has laid out the basic facts I'd like to add a bit of experience to the answer: Basics Cacti is focused on graphs. It doesn't do any of the up/down monitoring that is provided by ...
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How does Cacti compare to Nagios?

Nagios is generic monitoring solution which can be extended by using snmp agents, custom plugins and so on. Cacti is a complete frontend to RRDTool, it stores all of the necessary information to ...
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ELK - micro service and network latency monitoring

ELK stack does not provide monitoring. It only provides reporting unless you configure additional add-ons such as ElastAlert. ELK also only reports (or alerts if configured) on the data that you feed ...
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Laptop Internet connection monitoring

I've started abusing SyncThing for this purpose (among others), configuring it as a system service on laptops, then locking down it's UI to prevent it from being able to be used by a local connection ...
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What opensource solutions can be used to implement anomaly detection based on Riemann metrics?

I can think of 3 possibility (Not exactly Riemann metrics based, but around anomaly detection): Outdated but the most efficient in anomaly detectionI know: Shyline + Oculus from Etsy Both tools ...
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How do I get real client IP inside docker container for logging to the database

If your trying to do what I think you are it's not done that way, atleast not currently. Answer. If you are trying to put a single service into "Host" mode you have to give it a network that ...
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How do I get real client IP inside docker container for logging to the database

Although you've set the network_mode to host, I believe you need to set the ports -> mode to host to get the real client IP. For example: ports: - mode: host Hopefully this works for you.
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Bandwidth utilization by pod on Kubernetes

Prometheus (and Thanos or Cortex, usually with some Grafana), is what you are looking for. You have a Kubernetes (vanilla, OpenShift, ...), then kubelet/cadvisor should already be exposing some ...
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Kubelet config file -- > clusterDNS

It is the address of the DNS server (probably CoreDNS but possibly kube-dns) for the cluster. Kubernetes uses a DNS server within the cluster so pods can find each other using service names. This is ...
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What are the levels of monitoring and their importance?

In our environment we use Appdynamics and for all levels of monitoring and it's a best tool, Basically it monitor it for all levels, Databse Application especially works well on Java based ...
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Open source microservice visualization

I believe some of the monitoring tools like Dynatrace and Scope show some neat stuff. This really depends on your platform (I'm assuming Kubernetes). However, if you are running something else ...
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