I have no experience with it myself, but Elastalert (http://elastalert.readthedocs.io/en/latest/elastalert.html) sounds like what you need (for the alarms/threshold part) But besides that, it sounds like your interested in monitoring. In my opinion ELK is not a classic monitoring tool (more: data collection, data processing and data visualization). You ...


The way I could think of are: Writing your own plugin, from the notification plugin example page, adapting the example mail notification code could be a way. Disabling success notifications in rundeck, and handle the success notification part in your script itself. This way that's your script responsibility to warn it did something in normal state and it's ...


Jenkins has a bunch of plugins: There's HTML5 desktop notifier plugin which can push notifications to your browser There's a Slack plugin which can push notifications to a Slack team/channel


For real push notifications you will need good amount of mobile contracts and infra. Maybe you can consider using some kind of IM which will send you message to your IM


I was able to get around this issue in a bit of a dodgy way by changing the command to: /bin/bash -c "your-command-here | { ! grep '^'; }" This pipes the output through grep and fails if there is any output at all, but grep still passes it through so you still get to see the output in Rundeck upon failure. One drawback is that I believe you lose any blank ...

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