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Project pipeline not able to access NuGet package from Artifact Feed in different Project

Very few people were viewing this thread, so afterwards I posted a duplicate question on Stack Overflow, and now contains the answer. Below is a copy of it ... Finally, I found the problem. I wonder ...
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How to create GitHub Actions for unit testing in .NET projects?

You do not need to include anything into your assembly to run your tests using GitHub Actions. Just create workflow file in .github/workflows folder with the following content (assuming that you have ....
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Is it possible to package an application in a .nupkg when creating an application revision in AWS CodeDeploy?

Yes. AWS CodeDeploy bundletype is specified separately from the revision location, so you could upload a .nupkg to Amazon S3, set the bundle type to 'zip', and since a nupkg is simply an archive ...
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How to setup priorities between pipelines that might be triggered simultaneously on Azure DevOps pipelines

It sounds like both of these pipelines are being triggered by the same source commit(s). If that's the case, you should be able to use CI trigger source path filters so that the builds only happen on ...
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Managing branched DLLs in nuget

So what is happening is that the changed code just sat until internal testing was done (never a good thing as this is how code get stale quickly). Once internal testing was ready, the code was then ...
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