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Permission denied within mounted volume inside Podman container

Thanks to the people here, the solution is quite simple (but not obvious): My GNU/Linux container host has SELinux activated, and that's why I was having permissions problems. The solution is to ...
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Can't get either Postgres permissions or PVC working in AKS

The following setup works for me. When using the subPath in volumeMounts, the permission issue is automatically addressed, as the user postgres owns the folder corresponding to the subPath. spec: ...
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Will data contained withing Persistent Volume survive cluster deletion?

It depends on what your persistentVolumeReclaimPolicy is. If you manually created/defined the PersistentVolume, then the default action is to keep the data. (This sounds like what you're doing.) If ...
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Deploying a statefulSet with static volume provisioning but controller insists to use dynamic

Did you try by specifying a storageClassName since Kubernetes will be using default storage class when it's not specified? See Dynamic Provisioning of the blog post and Dynamic from Kubernetes ...
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K8S + HELM. Create a persistence volume for mysql database

It seems that you are using the host file system for the persistent volume. Assuming that you have multiple worker nodes and the pod restarts on a different node, the data is “lost” (only exists in ...
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Update volume size dynamically from inside a POD

In my opinion, you could create bucket (aws s3 for example) and store your data there (create simple app to make upload), thus, you don’t need to care with disk full error
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Interacting with a Trident container (NetApp) via CLI within a Openshift/Kubernetes cluster?

There's apparently 2 methods one can use to leverage tridentctl to interact with a running Trident Pod in their Openshift/Kubernetes cluster. 1. Server string The tridentctl CLI can be instructed to ...
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