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Improving deployment process of agent software

I'm a developer on an agent software team, researching ways to streamline the mass deployment of our agent on clients' machines. Currently the process involves running a script to determine the exact ...
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what do you think of making fast decisions?

I am trying to convince my fellow workers and management as part of DevOps transformation to adopt "fail fast" in almost everything. Amazon has two principles "bias for action" & "are right a lot" ...
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Where to put ansible-vault password

We are planning to use ansible vault in our project to prevent leaking passwords or keys in git. The idea is to put all our sensitive data into a plain file then encrypt this file with ansible-vault ...
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What is a difference between a Walking Skeleton and an MVP?

I've recently stumbled upon the "Walking skeleton" term and got a bit confused about the terminology. Is it the same or a variation of a Minimum Viable Product, or how does it relate to MVP in ...
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List of Ticket Management Software [closed]

My devops team is struggling with managing incidents and having quick response times anyone know of some software that can help with this? And the pros and cons of them? Thank you very much.
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Are there any best practices and/or tools for 'nohup' monitoring?

I use nohup for starting Ansible playbooks inside the Master which is spawned via boto3 from AWS Lambda. This playbook creates multiple workers, make them do some tasks, and terminates them. So, I ...
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What is a "Walking Skeleton"?

One of my agile teams has taken an interesting approach in the early stages of their project. Instead of starting the project with a Sprint 0 where they setup code infrastructure and decide on the ...
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