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Can't hit redis using DNS name in multi-container pod on Kubernetes

You're using two different host names: $ rdcli -h dbbackupd.default.cluster.local $ host dbbackupd.default.svc.cluster.local The one used with rdcli is missing .svc.
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hello world with flask and redis using docker networking

Yes, it's absolutely reasonable and this is how real apps work. This is the microservice approach which allows to independently scale instances of a service and a DB. What you have to do is to run ...
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why is "docker run" used to connect to redis?

In short, docker exec is used to operate an already-running container, while docker run -it starts a new container interactively. When you ran docker run -it --network foo --rm redis redis-cli -h rd ...
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Deploy a Redis cluster with Docker

To begin with, note the following text from the Redis documentation: Currently, Redis Cluster does not support NATted environments and in general environments where IP addresses or TCP ports are ...
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AWS ElastiCache Redis DNS error - Name or service not known

It could be due to a "VPC DNS throttling", you can find more information on the official documentation.
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How do I make a redis container accessible through bridge networking from the host?

By default Docker uses the bridge network. On a default Docker installation you can simply map a port to the container's service port. The Redis Docker image exposes its service on port 6379 so you ...
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if the bottle neck is the number of connections, is it better to scale redis by sharding or by replication?

Redis Cluster could be considered as an OOTB solution for the Scalability requirements. There is another interesting open source library known as Redis Shard for sharding implementations on Redis. ...
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Cross region replication of Redis Docker container data

You don't mention orchestration, are you planning to implement all by your own configuration on top of Ubuntu? I recommend you that take a look at Kubernetes and StatefulSet workloads https://...
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How to add shards to a Redis cluster managed by Terraform without loosing all state?

Fortunately, the situation has improved and the problem no longer exists. Terraform supports in-place updates of the number of shards now. To quote from the updated documentation: num_node_groups ...
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How to add shards to a Redis cluster managed by Terraform without loosing all state?

You can create aws_elasticache_replication_group resource and use data source aws_elasticache_cluster to retrieve an actual amount of nodes. This way you should not write ignore_changes.
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