Canary release/deployment is the term you are looking for. Usually in a canary deployment, a small percentage (10% for example) of your infrastructure is updated with the latest revisions of your codebase. That percentage is then tested with various automated and manual testing methods. Once testing is complete, the remaining 90% is updated with the same ...


I ended up following this path Rather than use cron, i used a scheduling framework (in my case Bree.js) which allowed me to "jobify" the tasks and also execute these tasks in separate processes - this allowed me the vertical expansion needed (ie: using more processor cores) A docker container contains the dispatch (scheduling) and jobs - so once ...


Redis Cluster could be considered as an OOTB solution for the Scalability requirements. There is another interesting open source library known as Redis Shard for sharding implementations on Redis. Please find the GitHub repository here.

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