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For questions seeking a specific piece of software related to DevOps. Please check the tag wiki before asking a [software-recommendation] question—there are additional guidelines to help you ask clearly.

Software recommendations are currently accepted on the site, but to avoid subjective questions and spam answers, we ask that you follow some specific instuctions, inspired by Software Recommendations' quality guidelines:

  • Clearly define a goal that needs to be achieved using the software. Try to describe this in as much detail as you can, and avoid subjective descriptions, such as 'the best version control system'.

  • List your requirements for the software. If you need something that uses less than 5 MB of disk space, great—but try to avoid vague requirements such as 'not much disk space', because that's open to misinterpretation.

  • Show your research. This isn't just to prove that you've 'put in the effort'—showing what you've found so far—and why it isn't suitable—helps others to get an idea of what you're looking for and stops them from recommending things you already know.