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Who is this Chaos Monkey and why did he crash my server?

TL;DR: Chaos Monkey was developed in 2010 at Netflix and released into wild in 2012 is part of the Simian Army, wildly popular among devoted followers. Built on principles of chaos engineering, the ...
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Who is this Chaos Monkey and why did he crash my server?

Some additions to your own answer to this question ... Additional monkeys The article about "How chaos boosts performance" describes a few more of these monkeys, i.e.: 10-18 Monkey: finds ...
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How can a Sys. Admin skill up to work as a DevOps engineer?

Have a look for DevOps Engineer roles and check out the list of technologies that they are seeking. Typically you'll need automation scripting skills (like Bash, Python or PowerShell), configuration ...
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What is the difference between the traditional Development and Operations Model and Site Reliability Engineering?

Thankfully, since Site Reliability Engineering developed internally at Google and only recently has started to make its way into the broader community, it is fairly well-defined. What isn't, though, ...
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How can a Sys. Admin skill up to work as a DevOps engineer?

Make a list of DevOps tools that seem to be popular, download, follow the manual, and just do it. Vagrant Ansible Docker Kubernetes/OpenShift This will give you a good running start with the tools ...
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Who is this Chaos Monkey and why did he crash my server?

One Server to rule them all, One Server to find them, One Server to bring them all and in the outage bind them You, Sauron, forged this One Server, in the Darkness of Mount Doom your Datacenter in ...
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Is there a Way to Run a Docker Image without installing it in server?

It is possible to run containers as a regular user using podman (buzzword: rootless). Note that while podman is based on the same OCI standard as docker, there are some differences in the details. For ...
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How to do maintenance work in kubernetes cluster

We were eventually able to answer this by following the rules for when a node is terminated. According to the FAQ, there are a number of ways that pods can prevent the cluster autoscaler from removing ...
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AWS Temporary Permission Granting Tool for Account/Service "Firefights"

Create an IAM role in prod with all the permissions you'd like the devs to have. When you want devs to have prod access, add the sts:AssumeRole permission to their IAM group. When it's time to revoke ...
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What are the daily job duties of a devops?

Keep learning other requirements for devops engineering. such as: Operating System concepts (Process management, threads and concurrency, POSIX basics, I/O management, file systems, memory storage, .....
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Bugzilla 4.2 to 5.0.4 'Can't locate in @INC'

I needed to install a new perl module yum install perl-parent then I had to install make to install other dependencies: cpan o conf make '/usr/bin/make' #or path to your make o conf commit
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