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TeamCity : It does look nicer, if this is important for your team then it should definitively weight in. That said, if it is VERY important than you probably will end up creating tools or some sort of dashboard overlay to support your team at which point what you really want is the one with the best API. Have not tried Jenkins API so I cannot compare, ...


Automation of installations like this can often be done with config management tools. GitHub and the public repos for these tools is a good place to start. There is a Puppet installer for TeamCity here: Here's a Chef cookbook: You can also use tools like Packer to ...


On the whole, the user experience is pretty similar. TeamCity has a prettier UI, but isn't particularly easier to use. In terms of functionality, the two are effectively equivalent. Most of the terminology is the same as well. The plugin ecosystems are fairly different, however; you'll definitely want to look at what plugins are available for TeamCity to ...


I agree with Adrian on most points. TeamCity's UI is definitely prettier and you get a lot more built-in functionality out of the box with TeamCity than with Jenkins. But Jenkins is open source and while the quality (and doc) varies a lot from plugin to plugin, the ecosystem is extensive. I've been using Jenkins for years and just started using TeamCity ...


You can use File Content Replacer build feature with predefined templates for .NET Core


If you use python and GitLab like I do, you can include a test coverage report in your CI/CD pipeline. You pip install coverage and then just run coverage in your pipeline. The following is an excerpt from an AWS lambda pipeline, but you should be able to find something similar for your environment: script: - pip install -r ./awslambda/requirements.txt ...


You can use sonarqube. It does not generate its own test coverage report, but re-uses the coverage file of your existing pipelines.


Thaks for all answers. Teamcity began to work correctly when I installed all windows updates to my Windows Server 2012 R2. Maybe it depended with last Microsoft security update.

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