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you can store values in the parameter store and use them in terraform resources by fetching values using data resources. data "aws_ssm_parameter" "rds_password" { name = "/${var.project_name}/DB_PASSWORD" } resource "aws_db_instance" "rds" { ... password = data.aws_ssm_parameter.rds_password.value ......


Hashicorp recommends using provisioners only as a last resort. They recommend using the Azure VM custom_data method, or cloud-init where available. Ansible would likely be overkill unless you will need ongoing in-place configuration management. But there are ways to make VM2 securely accessible to Ansible or provsioners if necessary.


For RDS, the simplest would probably be to have a template RDS snapshot that you create instances off of, just like you would an AMI. However if later updates to the database structure will be frequent/complex enough that the added complexity of a CD migration tool will be worthwhile, then you may be better off starting with that for the initial deployment ...

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