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What is Unit testing in the context of YML configuration Alerting rules?

The important part of the blog post you link to isn't testing the syntax of the YAML file; it's testing the semantics of the Prometheus configuration. The core configuration in that post includes a ...
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How to create GitHub Actions for unit testing in .NET projects?

You do not need to include anything into your assembly to run your tests using GitHub Actions. Just create workflow file in .github/workflows folder with the following content (assuming that you have ....
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Unit Test AWS Glue job in CodePipeline

Checkout this solution with codepipeline.
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Sorting out automated testing in CI pipeline and getting conflicting information related to building, unit testing and Docker images

You've missed the part of the 1st quote about multi-stage builds and other methods which avoid exactly the problem mentioned in the 2nd quote: the resulting image would consist of it's base image and ...
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Azure DevOps Server: Why does a Visual Studio Test step take so long to run unit tests?

The root cause turned out to be that there were over 100,000 files for the Visual Studio Step to scan for tests, in the Search folder. To resolve, I pointed the search folder to a more specific bin ...
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Can Cypress with cucumber replace php unit and regression tests in CI/Cd pipeline?

Yes Cypress is capable to run in CI. Most of the time it is just running cypress run. In our case we ran the docker ...
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Unit Test AWS Glue job in CodePipeline

If you are unit testing, you should be mocking external dependencies like Spark and AWS Glue. Look into Python mocking frameworks like unittest.mock, monkeypatch and pytest-mock. Your unit tests ...
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