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6 votes

Large number of host emulation

you create a Docker Swarm stack file: --- version: '3.1' services: ubuntu: image: ubuntu # or your custom Docker image deploy: replicas: 10000 Then, with docker stack you can ...
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Azure Powershell DSC or Ansible

PowerShell Desired State Configuration: Pro's Great support for Microsoft Technologies (IIS, Exchange, SharePoint, etc.) Con's OS and PowerShell Version requirements can become prohibitive. WinRM ...
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3 votes

Rename VM in VMware Fusion via command line

Well, there is no rename, it is a multi-step process, which involves renaming a bunch of entries inside the vmx file, using vmware-vdiskmanager to rename to vmdk and in general doing a bunch of ...
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1 vote

Reaching a Docker environment running in VMware from LAN

If you are using the docker-compose file from that github repo it's using traefik and should correctly expose port 8000, that should default to Maybe Ubuntu firewall is blocking incoming ...
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1 vote

Managed MySQL cluster - similar solution for a private cloud

There shouldn't be any reason why you can't. I think that the issue would be in getting the memory management correct on the host. The orchestration would be the same. Here's some resources: https:...
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1 vote

How to filter vmware_vm_facts

Thanks for your response @Zeitounator. I'm running Ansible 2.8 Since posting this I have received an answer that works for me. I realized that these facts are presented as a list of dicts as noted in ...
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1 vote

Deploy Vm Vmware with simple Ansible playbook The fix is included in Ansible 2.8.3 or higher. I had the 2.8.2 version
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1 vote

DevOps Newbie - How to automate windows infrastructure deployment?

The first thing I can recommend for you is to remove all of the manual steps in your deployment pipeline. DevOps is all about automating as much as possible to allow for fast, frequent, and safe ...
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1 vote

Error starting cloned VM in Vsphere Client

Have a look at this page which documents EnvironmentBrowser for clues of which setting to edit. Possibly something has a relative path that is now modified, or a resource that's fully used up or no ...
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1 vote

How to dimmension VMWare VM linux servers to run kubernetes container clusters?

There are several related system engineering trade-offs and choices involved in answering your question. It may be helpful going forward to tackle this question by first prioritizing your objectives ...
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