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I'm a DevOps team lead and a programmer at my core. I love coding, optimizing, and scaling projects. I also enjoy driving architecture and organizational best practices (DevOps, DevSecOps, etc) as well.

For the last 4-5, years I have focused on building cross-company platform SaaS services spanning metrics, orchestration, and compute both in the cloud and on-premises. I have led significant efforts leveraging orchestration technologies (Kubernetes, Airflow), big data technologies (Apache Spark, Presto, Apache Drill, Hive, Data Lakes), and streaming technologies (e.g. Kafka / Messaging). I have driven DevOps and CI/CD practices, improving automation and decreasing release cycle duration repeatedly (leveraging packer, ansible, terraform, Jenkins, GitLab, etc). I am also an avid Java developer and am very fluent in Spring.

I managed the Azure Cloud for a large company for a year and currently manage compute and platform services for the AWS cloud at the same company.

Most of my prior career was focused on pure development including enterprise Java (lots of spring/boot), RDBMs and columnar databases, and embedded C++.

I keep a blog here -> https://coding-stream-of-consciousness.com. It is mostly to help me recall things in the future; but I like that it occasionally saves others time as well. I hope you find it useful =).

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