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Dilson Rainov
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I am a Linux systems administrator with 15+ years of experience. I'm passionate about learning new technologies and methods to improve myself.

My strengths are finding solutions to solve problems and always studying new technologies. While working with an efficient DevOps and SRE team, I am always learning and looking for the best market practices.

Over the years, I have dedicated myself to automating processes using tools like Ansible, Terraform, Puppet, Jenkins and Rundeck. I have been working with many systems like Docker, Kubernetes and Cloud (AWS and GCP) in large companies with many access viewers that cannot go offline, even for a few minutes.

I currently work at C6 Bank with the Data & Analytics Squad to improve customer data and prevent bank fraud using data science models. My role in the team is to keep the systems at GCP automated and online using tools like Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform and Ansible. In GCP I usually use the follows cloud tools, such as GKE, VM instances, cloud functions, Big Query, Git and storage.

I implemented large on-premises datacenter and AWS infrastructures for a high demand for access to national and international events, such as Presidential, State and Municipal Elections in Brazil, Olympic Games and World Cup at UOL company, a Brazilian news portal with 100 million unique visitors per month.

At Centauro, I implemented Zabbix to monitor 100% of the infrastructure that significantly improved access and purchase for customers of the online store.

Main technologies I have worked on:

  • List item

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

  • Docker • Docker Swarm • Kubernetes

  • Python • Perl • Bash • SQL

  • Linux • Unix • MAC OS • Windows

  • VMware • Citrix Xen • KVM • Vagrant

  • Apache HTTPD • Nginx • IIS

  • Tomcat • Jboss • Jetty

  • Java Script • PHP • XML • JS • jQuery • HTML

  • MySql • PostgreSQL • Oracle • MSSQL • Informix

  • Nagios • Zabbix • OpMon • Icinga

  • ELK (ElasticSearch, Logstash and Kibana) • Splunk • Graylog

  • Puppet • Ansible • Terraform

  • OTRS • GLPI • ServiceDeskPlus

  • Git • Mercurial • Stash, SVN

  • NetBackup • Bacula

  • Iptables • firewalld • pfSense • OpnSense

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