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Software developer , have majorly worked in following technologies

I have an experience of extensive work in Entity Framework along with LINQ.

I am familiar with Multi-Threaded , Multi Process Programming and I have developed Windows Services which consume the Web Services to fetch data from cloud servers into local servers.

I have an extensive working experience of ASP.Net Web Forms and MVC.Net. I have developed and delivered multiple web applications using both of these technologies. I have a good theoretical and practical knowledge of ASP.Net fundamentals, ASP.Net Page Life Cycle, ASP.Net integration with IIS 6.0, Session Management, Data passing techniques over HTTP protocol, Web Methods, Web Services, User Authentication and Authorization, Data Security and Hashing Techniques, Ajax Technique, Data Passing between server and client using both XML and JSON notations of data.

I have also a good working experience of Web Socket Programming to bring up the desktop rich functionalities to the web browsers.

I have a working experience of Live Video Streaming on Web. I have gone through and worked with multiple modern protocols for live broadcasting like RTSP, RTP, RTCP, and I have developed a Live CCTV Camera Broadcasting application using JSMPEG Player which loads into an HTML5 canvas element and listens to web socket on specific port for live streaming. On server side a NodeJs application listens onto specific ports for connected clients and starts throwing MPEG1 encoded video stream back to client upon client request. This technique has been a real workaround for live video streaming on web where modern browsers have stopped supporting Silver Light or Flash Player.

I have worked on Live audio streaming on Web, using both VLC and QuickTime Plugin.

I have worked in multiple Telephony Web Application like Call Recording System, Wallboards System, ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) System and BLF (Busy Lamp Field) System. I have an understanding of IPPBX’s and basic fundamentals of telephony systems. I have a theoretical knowledge of Voice over IP as well.

I have worked with Angular 5 and NodeJS and I am aware of the basic architecture of an angular application.

I have extensively worked with Jquery to create very rich user interfaces on web. I am experienced with designing dynamic dashboards with rich fast and responsive layouts, creating Custom Controls, Parse JSON and XML Data, Using synchronous and asynchronous Ajax techniques and Jquery Event Handling Techniques.

I have worked with some great JavaScript APIs, like JSMPEG for video streaming, Vakata JSTree for an interactive tree control on web, AMCharts for Drawing Charts and exporting chart images to PDF using export API.

I have worked on creating PDF reports on client side using PDFMake API and I have worked extensively on ITextSharp for server side reporting as well .

I have a good hand on HTML5, CSS, bootstrap.

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