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Berlin based freelance front and back-end Developer, open to freelance missions.

Web developer since 11years, i have been working the last 8 as a freelance (mostly front-end) developer for web or digital agencies and start-ups.

While working with those companies, I have been working on projects with different front & back technologies, having the chance to implement nice responsive designs usually complemented by smooth animations.

During my free time, I am also very curious and have been experimenting in different domains, including developing on Arduino, developing on some Blockchains (mainly Ethereum), cryptography and game development using Godot.

A non exhaustive list of all the technologies I came across during those years :

Front-end: HTML5, CSS, JavaScript/es6/es7, Sveltejs/React.js/Vue, Redux/Vuex, PostCSS, CSSNext, Responsive design, Blade/Twig

JS lib/API: PIXI, Barba.js, TweenMax/gsap, d3.js, GoogleMap, YouTube/SoundCloud API, Facebook Graph

Back-end: PHP7: Laravel, Wordpress, Symfony Node.js: adonis.js/express

Database/Storage: MySQL/MariaDB, PostgreSQL, SolR, Elasticsearch, Memcached

Build: Babel, PostCSS, Sass, Rollup/Gulp/Grunt/Webpack, CI tools like Gitlab-CI

Dev-Tools: Git (Github / Gitlag / Bitbucket), SVN, npm, yarn, composer

Continous Integration: Gitlab-CI

Server: Nginx, apache, Caddy, docker/docker-compose

Methods: Agile/SCRUM

Interests: Next to the websites I make profesisonaly, I have interest in Game Development (mostly using Godot), and also into Cryptocurrencies (Mostly Ethereum and the creation of Smart Contracts using solidity).

Online accounts to see more of what I can do:

github -

codepen -

Careers StackExchange -

stackoverflow -

twitter -

A few projects I work(ed) on that are public and still online:

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