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How to list security groups for the specific instance via CLI?
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You can use aws ec2 describe-instances instead, you can specify the id --instance-ids <value> and it will output the security group.

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Store and analyize logs data from diffenrent application
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Can you not use Kibana with Elasticsearch or does that not give you the 'advanced' features you need? Have you looked at this connector for ES and Tableau?

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Why can't I connect to Gitea using ssh via command line?
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Looks like you needs to install it another way. The errors message does give you a hint and setup Gitea under another user The docs say Gitea should be run with a dedicated non-root system ...

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Best practices for external backups for S3 buckets?
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AWS Datasync service will be a great way to sync S3, EFS or FSx data from AWS to another location. You can deploy the agent on a VM in Azure or GCP and then use their storage solution to receive the ...

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