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With 12 years of experience as a software, build and operations engineer, I have worked in a cross-section of industries including emergency services and the cinema industry. Some roles involved developing software that was shipped to customers, while others involved delivery to internal development teams.

In everything I do I strive to create excellence so that people can spend their limited time, attention and energy on things they actually care about.

Core Strengths

  • Able to work through complex scenarios to propose potential solutions, as well work to provide high quality implementations.
  • Passionate about technology and using it to simplify and improve life for the users.
  • Deep technical knowledge of domains like the .NET framework and runtime, CI/CD systems, and various development workflows.
  • Strong analytical skills and able find the root cause or causes of problems that are hard to detect and diagnose.
  • A people-focused leadership style that includes technical mentoring, facilitating collaboration, and generating space for individual growth.
  • Fluent spoken and written English and Dutch. Conversational spoken German.
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