Basically I need to blacklist an IP range (and maybe multiple ranges) so that Docker can use any other IPs for its containers BUT IPs in this range.

Assume I have my docker nodes in a swarm of n nodes. They are in IP range There are multiple other VMs in this IP range like a VPN Server, a firewall, etc.

Can I restrict Docker from assigning IPs from this range to containers it starts?

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Docker should avoid using a network if there's a route to that network (see ip r). You can whitelist networks that docker is allowed to use with configurations in several places:

  • You can adjust bip in /etc/docker/daemon.json which controls the docker bridge network named bridge. This needs to be set to a gateway ip with CIDR notation.
  • You can adjust default-address-pools in /etc/docker/daemon.json which is a list of CIDR blocks for all other bridge networks.
  • You can pass --default-addr-pool when initializing a swarm to a CIDR block for overlay networks.

Make sure the two pools are large enough to create multiple networks, e.g. a /16 subnet to allow creation of 256 /24 networks.

More details of this are available in my DockerCon presentation (press P for presenter notes).

  • That is great knowledge. Thanks a lot!
    – Worp
    Commented Apr 2, 2020 at 17:58

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