I have a Virtual network (MyVPN) resource in Azure, being a class C network, MyVPN has Azure provided DNS service as DNS servers, so all virtual machines with a NIC connected to this network are able to resolve their hostname successfully, for example virtual machine myvm01 can ssh to myvm02 using only the hostname instead of IP.

However, they are unable to make a reverse DNS lookup, which makes sense since by default Azure does not provide a reverse DNS lookup zone. By following Microsoft's documentation I managed to create it, sadly I don't really know if I should delegate to Azure provided DNS service and if so, how to do it (I tried following this)

What should I do now to allow myvm01 be able to resolve the IP of myvm02 to its hostname?

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There is another manual for enabling reverse lookup DNS in azure.

Will my reverse DNS records resolve from the internet?

Yes. Once you set the reverse DNS property for your Azure service, Azure manages all the DNS delegations and DNS zones required to ensure that reverse DNS record resolves for all Internet users.

Are default reverse DNS records created for my Azure services?

No. Reverse DNS is an opt-in feature. No default reverse DNS records are created if you choose not to configure them.

It seems that reverse dns has to be enabled if it is used internally.

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