I am logged in to AWS as the AWS Admin, with Administrator access.

How do I find out if this user has the eks:AccessKubernetesApi IAM permission?

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There are a few ways to perform the action you're looking for. I'll demonstrate how to accomplish this task from the command line and the console. Using the SDK's (e.g. boto3) are an option too.

From the command line you can use:

aws iam simulate-principal-policy --policy-source-arn <arn of role or user> --action-names eks:AccessKubernetesApi --query 'EvaluationResults[].EvalDecision'

It will return the following if you have access :

[ "allowed" ]

From the console use the IAM Simulator
Pick the Role/User/Group that you wish to test:

enter image description here

Then choose the service:

enter image description here

And the action(s):

enter image description here

Click Run Simulation and the results will be published:

enter image description here

Simulate Principle Policy
Access Policies Testing Policies

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