I'm using helm charts with kubernetes and I'm trying to deploy High Availability Postgresql database and found this article mentioning three project that provide HA Postgresql:

1- Stolon

2- CrunchyData

3- Patroni

I didn't find helm chart example for Patroni, but I installed both helm charts for Stolon and Crunchy. However, I wasn't able to find the differences between them except in the structure, both use statefulset from kubernetes in order to deploy master service and a number of replicas(ReadOnly slaves),stolon has this proxy service that points to the master service which is like an extra layer, makes the stolon look a little more complex than crunchy.

But what I really need to know is:

  1. How the replicas will synchronize with the master? synchronous or
  2. Whats the failover mechanism provided if any?
  3. persistence volumes why is there a volume per pod? How is this related to the replication?
  • The Patroni helm is in incubator vs stable. helm install incubator/patroni. TG Dec 11, 2018 at 1:40

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I ended up using stolon for its automatic leader election and fail over handling. Crunchy Data offers small building blocks so there is a lot of work to do to put them all together while stolon has a ready helm chart. But I didn't try patroni since stolon worked just fine.

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