Note: I am a .NET Developer that is dabbling in DevOps. I want to learn.

Current Situation:

I have my .NET Core project dockerised. It sits on GitHub and is Open Source. Using Travis CI; as soon as I check some code into the GitHub repository, Travis CI builds a fresh docker image and pushes it to Docker Hub with two tags $BUILD_NUMBER and latest.

I have an Ubuntu VPS where I plan on running my dockerised applications.


Once the images are uploaded to Docker Hub (i.e. travis has finished the steps inside .travis.yml), how can I get those latest images to automatically run on my VPS?

This is where I am stuck.

I understand that once the docker containers are running on my VPS, I have to set up nginx as proxy ...etc, so I'm OK with that. I am just stuck on getting the latest docker image running on my VPS.

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One typical solution is to add a deployment task to your Travis CI pipeline. This task may, for example, run a command on your Ubuntu VPS to pull and run the :latest image. You could use any number of techniques to accomplish this: a CM tool like Ansible or Chef, a Bash script or simply SSH.

Travis CI documentation has some information on deployment providers: https://docs.travis-ci.com/user/deployment/


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