Is it possible to run aws cli from ec2 to create some resources in another account without using aws_secret_key and aws_access_key?


Sure, if the EC2 role allows STS::AssumeRole you can assume a role in the other account and get temporary credentials to do whatever you need to do in the other account.

See for example here: Cross Account Access with AWS-CLI

  • Thank you Mlu. I don't want to use access_key and secret_key inside ec2. Is it possible without aws config file(aws/credential) has access to other accounts? – Pzowghi Apr 5 at 3:29
  • @Pzowghi AWS-CLI can use your EC2 IAM Role to get local credentials and then use those to assume role in the other account to get temporary creds from there. No access/secret keys on the filesystem involved. – MLu Apr 5 at 3:32
  • I understand the concept. You shared the solution but there are access and secret key in that. If I don't have aws/credentials and aws/config how I could have different profiles for different accounts? – Pzowghi Apr 5 at 3:43
  • @Pzowghi Ah, true. Skip that first step, aws-cli will get the creds from EC2 IAM role by default. – MLu Apr 5 at 3:46

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