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How can I log every command for which an Ansible playbook uses elevated permissions?

I have an Ansible playbook that runs against a Linux target host and uses become to gain elevated permissions for those actions that require it. For auditing purposes, I need a list of all the Unix ...
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Why `docker diff` does not see some file changes?

I know when you create a container the Docker engine adds a thin writable layer on top of the image layers. And all filesystem changes are recorded in that writable layer. I know I can use the docker ...
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4 votes
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Process auditing in containers

I've read numerous articles on this going back to 2013, but what I wasn't able to ascertain is whether a reliable method has yet been devised for auditing processes inside a container. This question ...
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Listing filesystem differences between a Docker image and one of its ancestors

I asked a similar question a few minutes ago, and I found the docker diff command that shows the differences in the file system between a container and its base image. But I realized afterward my need ...
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Is there a way to know which files have changed in a docker container compared to its base image?

Is there a way to know which files have changed in a docker container compared to its base image? I am looking both for file creation/modification/deletion, but also for metadata change like file ...
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Context of DevOps in ISO 27001 security audits

Correct me if I am wrong, ISO 27001 addresses mostly organizational and operational aspects. This sounds a little bit abstract and regulatory. On the other hand, in DevOps, if you wish DevSecOps, ...
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