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Old resource file being served to clients, container running in kubernetes

I've encountered a problem with one of our containers and can not understand what is causing the issue. We have several microservices running in a Kubernetes deployment that also uses istio. All of ...
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How to run cluster local registry?

I want to set up a cluster local docker registry so that I can push/pull images very quickly without some of the policy restrictions of my corporate docker registry (for example, all images in that ...
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cache artifacts indefinitely in nexus repo

Due to some restrictions, I want to cache artifacts indefinitely in my proxied nexus repo (of types maven and npm). I tried to set Maximum Component Age to -1, but it had no effect. I also changed run ...
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How to caching the docker images?

I try to improve the performance of my pipeline stages in gitlab cicd. The Gitlab is self hosted and the Runner runs as docker with docker executor. I recognized, that for both jobs in my stages (test,...
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gitlab ci: How to share cache between fork and parent repository?

first please read the context of my inquiry. A project named teamspace/foo I maintain at work makes each teammate fork it. I have a scheduled pipeline that remakes cache each night. Now onto the ...
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Looking for a good book explaining how things work in the industrial system test environment and production environment

Any advice on a good book explaining how things work in the industrial system test environment and production environment? It's my first time in this topic, so I would need a general overview. Key ...
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For storing avatars in s3, which approach has the lowest cost?

On my site I have the ability for users to upload avatars (which they upload to s3). They can only have one avatar at the moment, so I currently just have the filename set to their user id. However, ...
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Can I persist a Yarn install through different stages in a GitLab pipeline?

I was thinking about a pipeline with the following steps: Install image dependencies (such as java, node, yarn and openssl) Install node packages needed for the build Install PMD Do a code Analysis ...
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if the bottle neck is the number of connections, is it better to scale redis by sharding or by replication?

Background last week we had a major outage, we identified the bottle neck to be redis number of connections: Our quick fix was to scale redis from cache.m4.4xlarge to chache.m4.10xlarge (vertical ...
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How to cache node_modules folder when using Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline

I'm using Jenkins Multibranch Pipeline to handle my CI/CD and I'd like to know if is there a way to cache my node_modules folder? Every time I push a branch, I execute yarn to install the ...
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Docker ADD always invalidates cache

I've got problem with my Dockerfile. After building an image it is pushed to repository as cache-image, so on next builds I can pull it and use with --cache-from. Problem is that build stops using ...
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Docker - which cache is used to build image

I have got my docker image called samplecontainer, during build I am not specifying --cache-from option. Is it possible to know which image is used during build as cache?
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