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Tooling to allow server apps to checkout passwords (database, email provider, etc) on multiple servers?

I'm looking for suggestions on the right kind of tools I can use to improve the security and ease of use for managing passwords for my multi-server apps. I have a couple of ubuntu-based servers ...
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Strategies for sharing Ansible vaults with root/administrator credentials?

Historically we've been a one man devops team and stored all our passwords in Ansible vaults - including things like domain admin passwords and root account passwords. However we're now growing and ...
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how to send a password to MySQL with docker?

Just getting started, want to run the downloaded version of mysql: root:~# root:~# docker images REPOSITORY TAG IMAGE ID CREATED SIZE basex/basexhttp ...
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Ansible: When 'directory/file exists' in a loop

I have written some Ansible code to put users from the users.yaml file in the variable 'nexus_local_users' to be used by a role. When doing this a random password is created and written to the '...
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Which password database system work with ansible?

Which password database system work with ansible to manage password of network devices and servers?
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How does jenkins publish over ssh store passphrases?

When I look in jenkins.plugins.publish_over_ssh.BapSshPublisherPlugin.xml I can see several entries, that have secretPassphrase populated with a string 44 characters long. By using hudson.util.Secret....
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How to run Ansible with sudo no password commands with become syntax

When I run ansible against a host machine that has some commands I need to run as root, I can't run these with "become" because it runs the commands as root instead of just running them with sudo. ...
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