I have a helm chart which pulls a lot of images from various registries and deploys a lot of pods. It runs a lot of k8s jobs before getting the pods up.

Overall, helm install command takes huge time, so usually my helm install will also have --timeout 3600.

Like: helm install --name will also have --timeout 3600

Can I embed this --timeout 1800 to the helm chat itself? (rather than providing a command line parameter)

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Since the timeout is a Helm option and not a Kubernetes object attribute, it can't be embedded in the chart itself.

The --timeout option is the amount of time the Helm utility will wait for Kubernetes commands to complete before marking the release as FAILED.

More Info on Helm CLI options

  • Accepting this answer, sadly :( Hope to see a parameter in chart itself- soon! Commented Sep 18, 2020 at 14:36

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