How do you implement security requirements in CI/CD while taking care of security requirements? What are best practices here?

Security requirements may differ, let's assume this simple level of security:

  • Direct administrative access to target system shouldn't be given to the CI/CD system
  • CI/CD system needs to be able to initiate deployment and show it's success/fail status (could be determined by a white box test routine i.e. without admin access rights placed on the CI/CD side)

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As you stated, requirements will differ based on company and industry policy; for us, the adjustment from "separation of duties" to automated deployments has been rough. As interim steps, we've started:

  1. Requiring multiple "sign-offs" before deployment; this is accomplished by both reviews for the PR in Azure DevOps and an audit log in Octopus.

  2. Monthly review of deployments by higher-ups. This is mostly a rubber-stamp activity, but it satisfies auditors.

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