I am looking for a when condition which is fullfilled when the playbook is executed by ansible-pull.

  • I'm affraid you can't since ansible-pull actually runs ansible-playbook internally with no particular option once SCM checkout is done (run with -vvv to see the steps). If you use a specific directory on all your servers to clone your playbook repos from ansible-pull, you can eventually set a condition on the playbook_dir variable. This is way far from bulletproof though. Aug 14, 2021 at 21:12

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I found two approaches to test if a playbook is applied via ansible-pull:

  1. Check for ansible_connection == "local". However this doesnt work in all places as local connections might also used regularily by your playbook.
  2. Pass an extra variable to the invocation: ansible-pull --extra-vars "ansible_pull=true"

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