I have an instance on AWS free tier t3.micro.

The problem I faced is suddenly my instance was not able to connect with other instances.

I have checked on the dashboard and see that on the status check column it was showing 1/2 checks passed while another instance is 2/2 passed

On the Alarm status column, it was showing 1/2 in alarm.

I check on alarm details and it was showing a green tick on CPU utilization while the red triangle icon is showing on status check failed.

I also check the monitoring of the instance and found that the status checks failed graph has 1 count.

I have restarted the machine and now it is 2/2 passed.

What are the reasons AWS EC2 status check fails?

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Here, you can find a full list of reasons why status checks fail and how can you enable alarms too which can initiate recovery.


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