I'm creating an instance with Terraform and I'm using the Terraform resource openstack_networking_port_v2. I can see this corresponds to a openstack.network.v2.port OpenStack resource.

I'm using this,

data "openstack_networking_network_v2" "network" {
        name = "public"

data "openstack_networking_subnet_v2" "subnet" {
        name = "hou-prod-external-ipv4"

resource "openstack_networking_port_v2" "myport" {
  name           = "port"
  network_id     = data.openstack_networking_network_v2.network.id
  admin_state_up = "true"
  fixed_ip {
      subnet_id  = data.openstack_networking_subnet_v2.subnet.id

Creating this instance works in Terraform, but when I log into to Horizons I don't see this reflected in the UI anywhere. Does the openstack_networking_port_v2 show up anywhere in Horizons?

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To get the ports set up with openstack_networking_port_v2 in Horizons you'll want to,

  • On the Navigation bar on the left, click Network to open the drop down.

  • Under the drop down click on Networks

  • Click on the openstack_networking_network_v2 in the case above public

  • Click on the openstack_networking_port_v2 in the case above myport

  • You can now verify it's right by checking the ID against the ID recorded by your teraform state with something like this,

    terraform show -json |
      jq '.values.root_module.resources[] | select(.type=="openstack_networking_port_v2") | .values.id'

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