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Active Directory (AD) is a directory service that Microsoft developed for Windows domain networks.

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Restrict large VM creation for non-admins in Azure using Azure Policy and RBAC

We're trying to restrict normal users(contributors) from creating VMs of large size, they should be able to create VMs of a certain size. I have tried applying the inbuilt azure policy to do that ...
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What application permissions are required to create a user in Azure AD?

I'm working on a simple Python application to automate creating/deleting users from our Azure instance on hiring/firing. I was able to get my script to create/delete test users using the azure....
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Values For Creating Custom Azure AD Integration

I am new to Azure and trying to set the Basic SAML configuration settings. What do I input for this: Identifier (Entity Id)
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Your organization X failed to connect to the X Azure Active Directory

I am trying to connect my Azure DevOps environment to Azure Active Directory. I get the following error: Tenant switch failed, on a precondition, with the following message: 1 of 10 total users has ...
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Missing some subscriptions in Azure DevOps UI when using automatic service principal

I am trying to select a subscription I have access to in another tenant from my Azure DevOps UI where I am connected to the Azure tenant AAD as a member with external login and certain permissions/...
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AWS SSO using Azure Active Directory and AWS IAM

I'm trying to create a flow where users can be authenticated to AWS Console using Aure Active Directory Credentials, and the access of their accounts can be managed using IAM. I have connected AWS SSO ...
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Azure DevOps service connection: lifetime of service principal

I have a hard time understanding the lifetime of the service principal created in Azure AD when creating the service connection between Azure DevOps and Azure. I do it like this: I pick the Azure ...
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Active directory integration issue with Jenkins

The active Directory login is not working for us on DMZ server since the request is going to multiple domain controllers servers (which cause us slowness in login- almost 10 minutes). how can we limit ...
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Assign Directory Read/Write Privileges to Azure Service Principal from the command line?

I am trying to provision a user in Azure Active Directory using Terraform's AzureAD provider. At the top of the azuread_user documentation, it states: NOTE: If you're authenticating using a ...
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What are the ways to get authorized access to mlflow through Azure Active Directory?

What are the ways to get authorized access to mlflow through Azure Active Directory? Requirements: I need to grant access to the mlflow web interface installed on a Ubuntu 16 Virtual Machine in ...
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problems running Ansible with become on domain-connected Windows Server

I am running several tasks on a Windows 2016 server with Ansible including: Joining it to a domain SOMEDOMAIN SOMEDOMAIN\SOMEUSER has been added to the local administrators group on the machine with ...
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Can you replicate Active Directory from a Corporate Intranet to an AWS VPC where there is an outbound-only link?

In our work environment we have a standard Corporate Intranet with Active Directory. We've been granted limited access to an AWS VPC. Our connection allows outbound (from the Intranet to the VPC) ...
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