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2 votes
1 answer

Spinnaker keeps showing disabled stages in Jenkins pipeline UI

I have a pipeline with a few disabled stages: { "enabled": false, "completeOtherBranchesThenFail": true, "continuePipeline": false, "failPipeline": ...
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1 vote
2 answers

GUI over GitLab CI Environment Deployments With Multiple Instances?

Let's say I have a SaaS style project (similar to Databricks). We may make release 2.0.0 of this project, have automated testing and deployment to dev, automated promotion to nonprod, etc. In ...
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3 votes
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What is the best tool for the release management for Kubernetes in a small startup?

In our small startup (6 developers) and we use Google Kubernetes Engine + CircleCi (which deploys docker images to K8S with simple bash scripts). We have ~10 services, but we are growing. We use a ...
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Issue with Spinnaker automated trigger

I am trying to get Spinnaker to have a pipeline use an automated trigger which is an image pushed to an ECR repo. I can add different repos fine but can't seem to see the images. I am following this ...
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Spinnaker not showing images in pipeline trigger

I have a Spinnaker pipeline which I am trying to add an automated trigger from an ECR repo. Spinnaker lets me add the docker registry as per the following spinnaker doc link, however I am unable to ...
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