I have some Codeigniter projects on some domains (on the same server), and the project is already in git.

How to ensure server gets the new update when I push the code to git?

Can anyone explain to me step by step?

  • What CI tool are you using?Please mention the all the tools you are using and if you are open to using other tools or not
    – KatariaA
    May 15 '19 at 5:33
  • Gitlab has the pipeline triggers. You could send a curl request to Jenkins to trigger a job there or Gitlab itself can deploy data with rsync or whatever you want. Both is done with the .gitlab-ci.yml file see here docs.gitlab.com/ee/ci/yaml/README.html
    – Michael D.
    May 16 '19 at 21:53

You can achieve this using Git and Jenkins job. Create a Jenkins Job to deploy your code to server and Setup Git webhook to Call Jenkins job.

Check this link: https://www.serverkaka.com/2019/02/configure-github-webhook-in-jenkins-job-pipeline.html


  1. Create an empty Git repo on the server

  2. Write a Git Hook to deploy the code

  3. Deploy from the local computer

Check this link: https://medium.com/@francoisromain/vps-deploy-with-git-fea605f1303b


Depens on how you hosting your application in production

  1. If non docker: use capistrano or other symlink deployment tool
  2. If docker: use docker swarm deploy to update your containers
  3. Then you need just add .gitlab-ci.yml file to your project directory and write some deployment scripts.

Git itself has a server-side post-receive hook. You can use it to run a command that triggers your deployment whenever you push to your repo. Web services like Gitlab or Bitbucket rely on this mechanism to offer plug-ins that trigger CI services. Less flexible but you can configure it conveniently from the web front end.

Another option would be to use a tool like Puppet on the target machine that periodically checks the repo for changes and pulls them in. The following Puppet code would clone/update the repo into the /path/to/repo directory (by default Puppet runs every 30 min):

vcsrepo { '/path/to/repo':
  ensure   => latest,
  provider => git,
  source   => 'git://example.com/repo.git',

See the documentation of the vcsrepo module for details.

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