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AWX Ansible - Can't access repository Git and Bitbucket

I have configured and successfully used until some days ago a project in AWX, synchronizing it with a Bitbukcet repository. Now, when I am trying to sync the Project with the repository, I get this ...
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Filter jobs by inventory

I'm using Ansible AWX and I'd like to find all jobs that were done for a specific inventory , I can do that by going to the inventory and then in the "completed jobs" tab, but is there a way ...
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Kubernetes deploy workflow

I have an application (Django web app alongside couple of microservices) and have done deployment previously via Ansible tasks. Playbook was invoked from Ansible Tower and essentially breaks down into ...
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AWX cannot find matching host

I have on premise AWX and inventory (instances on AWS). To provision newly launched instance I want to use provisioning callbacks. But when executing this command from the instance $ curl -v -H '...
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Per machine credentials for privileges escalation using AWX [duplicate]

I have an inventory with a lot of hosts in it using the same credentials, but one host needs a different approach. For the ssh connection a different user is used, after the connection is established, ...
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ansible AWX is connecting through ssh as root instead of user defined in credential

I'm running ansible 2.6.2 and awx on rhel 7.5. AWX is connecting to my ssh proxy as root instead of the defined Credential user. My playbook contains the following become: yes become_method: ...
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How to take a backup of Ansible tower?

Currently we have an awx running on a VM using containers: CONTAINER ID IMAGE COMMAND CREATED STATUS PORTS ...
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